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When RSG Roofing visits a home, they inspect more than just the shingled surfaces. Gutters are a major part of the roofing system, providing safe passage for water to reach the ground. Roof eaves would only create sheets of water coursing down onto landscaping if gutters weren't added strategically to a structure. Homeowners should understand gutter intricacies so that they can recognize if a problem arises between preventive maintenance appointments.

Seamless gutters are the modern choice for almost all structures. When a household needs new gutters, roofers visit with specialized equipment. They'll measure and extrude gutters immediately at the job site. There are no universal sections to conform to a unique structure, for example. All gutters run the length of a structure's side, preventing any leaks because there are no seams to crack or detach.

A common service with any roofing appointment is cleaning the gutters. Contractors venture up to the gutters and examine them from the top and bottom. They'll note any trapped debris and its location, for instance. Debris removal is critical to gutter health, allowing water to flow unimpeded to downspouts and out to nearby drains.

With debris out of the way, contractors also check for alignment by testing the gutters with water flow. They'll send water down the gutter system by using a hose on the rooftop, for instance. Any leaks or bowing in the gutter lengths are quickly diagnosed and repaired on the spot. All gutters must run with a slight angle to their orientation in order to move water efficiently.

An optional but important gutter accessory is the guard. Gutter guards rest on top of the lengths' openings. They deflect debris from the gutter system while allowing water to move through with no problems. Any areas with tall trees and debris on roofs are usually prime candidates for gutter guards.

Homeowners are welcome to ask questions and discuss gutter care with RSG Roofing because knowledge only helps both parties. From an emergency repair to yearly maintenance, each appointment usually has different goals for gutter structural integrity. With consistent appointments, homeowners may never have a major gutter malfunction that might damage the landscape or home foundation.

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