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RSG Roofing provides high-quality roofing services throughout the greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas. Whether a roof has been damaged or has just exceeded its useful life, RSG roofing can replace the roof with a roofing material that fits the style of the house and the homeowner's budget.

The staff at RSG Roofing will help a homeowner choose from among the variety of roofing materials. The most popular roofing material is asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles have a low upfront cost because the materials are less expensive than other roofing types and require no special equipment to install. However, asphalt shingles are as durable as other types of roofing materials and are susceptible to the effects of weather and climate.

Wood shakes are another option for roofing material. Wood shakes are especially popular for homes located in natural wooded areas. Because of their composition, wood shakes are susceptible to insect damage and do not provide a high level of fire protection. The shakes can be treated to be insect and fire resistant.

Clay tiles are a popular choice for homes built in a Mediterranean or Spanish style. Clay tiles are durable and should last a long time without replacement. Clay tiles are much heavier than asphalt shingles or wood shakes. A building may require structural reinforcement if it is going to withstand the weight of a clay tile roof.

Slate tiles are an attractive upscale roofing option. Because they come from a natural source and can be recycled when removed, slate tiles are friendly to the environment.

RSG Roofing specializes in a newer alternative to the traditional asphalt shingle, the lifetime, algae resistant, HD dimensional shingle. These shingles rate much higher than traditional asphalt shingles for resistance to wind. RSG roofing will upgrade a customer order of composition asphalt shingles to HD dimensional shingles for free.

RSG Roofing has a long list of satisfied customers. Customers have praised RSG Roofing for helping them through the insurance process after a storm, keeping the yard cleaning throughout the roofing process and completing a roof replacement job in only one day.

RSG Roofing is an experienced, reputable roofing contractor. The family owned business' mission is to provide high quality service and customer satisfaction and to make its customers feel as though they are part of the family.

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