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RSG Roofing presents a variety of siding choices to homeowners looking to add affordable style to their home. In addition to enhancing curb appeal, top quality siding can also add substantial value to a home. The versatility of siding extends beyond its aesthetic appeal. Today's siding comes in more sizes, shapes and textures than ever before, including styles that mimic painted wood and other classic styles still appreciated by homeowners who also want to keep maintenance requirements to a minimum.

While types of siding include aluminum, at one point the standard material for siding, cement, wood and steel, vinyl is the most popular choice among Cincinnati homeowners today. Since the color is actually part of the material, vinyl doesn't easily fade like paint. In fact, most homeowners can keep their vinyl siding looking great with nothing more than a hose and maybe a little soap and water now and then. The contractors at RSG Roofing will help homeowners narrow down their choices by providing all the information that's needed to make a well informed, pressure free decision.

If old siding needs to be removed, it will be carefully taken down and disposed of in accordance with local regulations. Before the new siding is installed, the surface underneath is inspected to ensure that there are no deformities that need to be corrected. Siding can also be installed over brick and stucco surfaces with a furring strip. The installation process will be fully explained to homeowners so that they know what to expect.

There is no specific time frame when it comes to siding installation due to the many factors that tend come into play, ranging from the amount of siding that will need to be installed on the home to how much work will be required to properly remove older siding. However, the contractors at RSG Roofing will make every effort to minimize disruptions, stay within a predetermined budget and stick to a projected project timeline.

Whether Cincinnati homeowners are choosing RSG Roofing for replacement windows, roofing solutions or the installation of new siding, they can count on high quality installation from a crew that shares a firm commitment to customer satisfaction. Their helpful contractors will gladly provide customers with honest, thorough answers to their questions along with an accurate estimate before any decisions are finalized.

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