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RSG Roofing provides a wide range of quality windows for new building projects and for replacements and renovations. Occasionally considering window replacement is vital to homeowners seeking to optimize the energy efficiency and comfort of their homes. Functional windows should contribute to a building's insulation, block noise, reduce indoor exposure to UV rays and enhance a home's curb appeal.

There is a wide range of window setups: From traditional windows with a vertical sliding element to horizontal slide, tilting and picture windows, RSG roofing offers options to fit any aesthetic. With a broad selection of windows that vary by style and material, customers are likely to find at least one appealing option that will meet the needs of their home.

The most popular window frames are made of vinyl, otherwise known as PVC. This material is waterproof and comes with a permanent color coating, so it does not need to be painted. PVC windows come in a variety of colors to match a home's exterior, and they exist in a variety of styles corresponding to different insulation potentials.

Another common window framing material is wood. Wood frames require more maintenance than vinyl windows since they must be consistently treated to prevent rot and damage by insects. In spite of the fact that wood must be treated and painted fairly regularly, it is an ideal material for custom window dimensions. Wood is also an excellent insulator, providing reasonable U factor values.

Window frames are also made of aluminum, which provides strength and durability in a fairly low maintenance package. Aluminum frames are popular in commercial projects and are relatively inexpensive. The disadvantages of aluminum are related to its high capacity for thermal conductance: Aluminum is a poor insulator compared to the other window materials discussed here.

Fiberglass window frames are a novel approach to maximizing windows' energy efficiency. These windows have a low U factor value and are very sturdy, so those looking to install a large window unit should look no further. Fiberglass can be painted to match the color of a house but does not require as much upkeep as wood.

A final window framing material is composite, combining wood and vinyl to provide the best of both framing types. Composite frames mimic the look and feel of wood while providing the low maintenance weatherproofing power of vinyl.

The professionals at RSG Roofing are highly knowledgeable about window options and installation requirements and are glad to help homeowners through the process of selecting new windows for their homes. By narrowing down the options on the basis of budget, style, energy efficiency needs and window dimensions, RSG roofers can help any client select the best windows to fit his or her needs.

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